Samara Group


Consulting services for environmentally focused projects.

Areas of Practice



Science is at the core of everything we do.  Reliable results come from good data and a solid foundation in project design. We have participated in a multitude of research and monitoring efforts and continue to collaborate with an expansive network of scientists and environmental professionals. This extensive experience and network of partners results in quality products such as data tools, reports, and management applications based in rigorous science.

  • Habitat Management Planning

  • Urban Biodiversity Monitoring

  • Habitat Connectivity Evaluations

  • Wildlife Monitoring


Communication is a vital component of any successful outreach project. Samara Group strives to incorporate inclusive and participatory communications processes into every project. We do this through facilitating participatory design processes, creating stakeholder feedback loops, connecting art & science, and incorporating compelling media into our campaigns. Through the design process we are able to develop a unique solution for each project.

  • Identifying/Assessing  Project Needs

  • Communication Channels & Strategic Plans

  • Multimedia services

  • Marketing Strategy & Art Direction



Collaborative partnerships are the key to complex project success. Samara Group harnesses the collective energy of a diverse group of partners to achieve a greater mission through collaborative project development, community-based science, and inclusive stakeholder engagement practices. 


  • Working with Diverse Stakeholders

  • Develop Steering & Communication Teams

  • Stakeholder Tracking

  • Partner Roles & Responsibilities

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Facilitation & Collaboration

Originating from an understanding that complex projects are best addressed through collaborative means, Samara Group’s model is based on an inclusive and open process that uses a coordinated team approach to tackle complex projects with a diverse set of skills and perspectives. We engage with project collaborators and stakeholders at multiple levels, including developing engaging public outreach materials, and facilitating interactive and productive meetings.

  • Meeting Facilitation

  • Storytelling

  • Stakeholder Engagement

  • Collaborative Process