Samara Group



design services

We use both science and storytelling to inform design. We believe that science needs comprehensive storytelling as much as storytelling needs a strong foundation of facts and comprehensive research. We make coherent, authentic and engaging storytelling an integrated part of the message.



Branding offers simple and clear-cut solutions to complex science-based messaging for multi-stakeholder projects. When appropriate, Samara Group integrates branding solutions early in projects to provide visual direction for the products and materials to come. We work with clients and partners to make authentic and engaging storytelling an integrated part of our clients’ messaging. A successful message starts with clear and intentional branding that is crafted to meet the needs of both the project and the audience it is intended to engage. Backed by our science and communication experts, we provide branding services at many scales: from creating engaging brochures for a community outreach event to conducting nationwide campaigns that speak to international audiences.

  • Research-driven, collaboratively developed brand concept

  • Logo and visual identity tailored to all relevant products

  • Style guides and templates for seamless implementation


design strategy

Samara Group utilizes inclusive and flexible strategic planning to set the stage for successful long-term partnerships between agencies, NGOs, and the public. We engage with project collaborators and stakeholders at multiple levels to identify collective goals and desired outcomes for each project to ensure effective and accurate products are created.

  • Brainstorming & concept development sessions

  • Collaborative product development process

  • Comprehensive brand strategy


Graphic harvesting

We bring a unique and valuable skill to our environmental consulting work called graphic harvesting. This technique is used to support groups by collecting information and transforming it visually for the group to see. We gather ideas from participants, weave the ideas together graphically and present the ideas in an easy-to understand format.Graphic strategies can be used in a variety of contexts to gather ideas, thoughts or research into one space.


storytelling & Writing

Storytelling requires responsive strategies. We help teams take on a storytelling approach and develop designs that fit their needs. Together with our science and design teams, Samara has helped organizations and collaboratives move towards shared goals, transform and evolve.

  • Social Media Content & Strategy

  • Stakeholder Interviews

  • Scientific & Technical Writing



From start to finish, we work with our clients to identify their outcomes, create and curate brand assets and materials, and produce polished print and digital products. Our design team brings award-winning creative production experience to your project. We work with Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere Pro, as well as photography and custom template website development.

  • Photography

  • Video Production & Editing

  • Web Design



Samara Group specializes in inclusive marketing and communication strategies and we excel at incorporating participatory processes into every project. We offer simple, yet effective marketing plans that can be implemented by us or our clients and include both short- and long-term marketing objectives and promotional strategies.