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Bull Trout Conservation and Recovery

Working with the Burns Paiute Tribe, Samara Group was hired to develop an Outreach and Education Plan with accompanying branded materials to support bull trout recovery. The process to create the plan included a 2-day meeting with 20 local conservation and agency stakeholders where information was collected to inform the strategies, stakeholder outreach practices, and timelines. The final brand and outreach plan was developed with input from multiple agency partners and serves as the structure to implement three primary communication strategies, and includes a clear timeline with tactics and goals.


Samara designed cost-effective and easy to maintain online landing page designed to grow with the project over time

Outreach and Education Plan

Samara Group designed an outreach and education plan that is being used to help the Burns Paiute Tribe lead a successful education strategy that informs its stakeholders on how to help in the recovery of native bull trout.


Samara Group designed this poster to help the Burns Paiute Tribe raise awareness of the disappearance of native fish in southeast Oregon's streams. The poster was created with recreational hikers, local residents, and land owners in mind.


Samara created a logo using a recognizable fish outline to ensure that users could immediately connect the communication materials to the matter of fish. The handwritten lettering inside the fish-shaped logo maintains an approachable tone.


March 2018–December 2018

Service Categories

  • Branding

  • Strategic Planning

  • Communications & Outreach


Burns Paiute Tribe (Burns, OR)



The project goals were met through stakeholder engagement, development of scientifically-informed educational material, and tactics to build awareness about the issue, including the use of a recognizable brand. The Help Native Fish brand aims to focus on the positive message of saving native fish species whose local existence is threatened by the presence of various environmental factors. The slogan puts emphasis on action indicating there is a role for all who live, work, and recreate in the impacted area to play a part (“help”) in the solution. The brand intentionally highlights a broad issue (“native fish”) rather than isolating the message to a specific fish species. 


Photo by Brandon Haslick, Burns Paiute Tribe

Photo by Brandon Haslick, Burns Paiute Tribe

  • Communicate value of outreach and education 

  • Increase understanding of the problem and the solution

  • Develop person connection to the issue


Samara successfully identified communication strategies and products for the community to increase awareness about what people can do to Help Native Fish in Eastern Oregon with buy-in from multiple agencies. The resulting materials incorporated rural values and considered unique local issues. Multiple layers of stakeholder feedback were incorporated in the process and the materials were produced on a tight budget and timeline. Materials were printed twice within the first year, continue to be distributed at festivals and events, and are specifically requested.