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SCIENCE Services

Science is at the core of everything we do. Reliable results must come from good data and a solid foundation in project design. Samara participates in a wide range of research, monitoring, and assessment efforts and we collaborate with an expansive network of scientists and environmental professionals. We couple our science and communication expertise to create thorough and cohesive reports that are reader-friendly describing processes, framework and analytical results.

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Study & framework design

Study and framework design must be carefully considered to ensure that intended questions get answered. Samara works closely with our clients to develop sound protocols for both qualitative and quantitative data collection.

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Wildlife & Vegetation Monitoring

Samara Group adheres to approved protocols when collecting data in the field. This ensures that rigorous results are achieved and data is relevant and applicable across time. Samara Group has experience collecting various forms of field data including:

  • Amphibian Surveys

  • Reptile Surveys

  • Vegetation Monitoring

  • Remote Camera Monitoring

  • Sand Tracking Methods

  • Community-Based Data Collection


Habitat Assessment & Connectivity

Functional habitat must be connected to meet the diverse needs of wildlife. Samara conducts aquatic and terrestrial habitat assessments to provide baseline information and document change. These assessments help to inform restoration, mitigation, and conservation planning efforts. Samara brings a breadth of experience to conservation projects including:

  • Multi-Scale Habitat & Connectivity Assessment

  • Habitat Connectivity Planning and Toolkit Development

  • Facilitation of Surrogate Species Selection

  • Public-Private Partnership Coordination