Samara Group




Effective strategies are a product of experience and collaboration. Samara Group develops strategy alongside our client teams and their stakeholders to ensure long term buy-in. We do this by facilitating participatory design processes, creating feedback loops for two-way communication, and connecting art and science. We engage with project collaborators and stakeholders at multiple levels, including consistent communication with project teams, setting clear goals, and facilitating interactive & productive meetings.


Strategic Planning

Samara Group has extensive experience in creating and implementing strategic communication plans for our clients based on distinct visions and goals. Through the use of participatory activities and collaboratively designed processes in combination with feedback and research, we have created unique strategic communications plans to fit the needs of our clients. The types of plans that Samara creates include:

  • Invasive Species Response Plans

  • Outreach & Education Plans

  • Stakeholder Engagement Plans

  • Communication & Marketing Plans

  • Brand Strategy

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Group Facilitation

Samara Group’s team is experienced at planning and implementing customized events to achieve effective outcomes and a pleasant experience for attendees. Samara Group works closely with our clients to develop agendas that clearly identify meeting goals and provide attendees with an opportunity to participate in the meeting’s outcomes.

  • Small & Large Meeting Facilitation

  • Event Coordination

  • Collaborative Project Design and Implementation

  • Partnership Coordination

  • Rapid Prototyping

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Communications & Outreach

Samara Group’s team draws on a diverse set of skills to design, implement, and coordinate effective communication and outreach efforts. Communication is a vital component of successful outreach efforts. We strive to incorporate an inclusive process into your project. Samara Group is skilled at identifying and working with “non-traditional” stakeholders that are oftentimes overlooked by others, but have proven to provide key participation. This process ensures thorough and organized outreach to interested and/or impacted parties.

  • Stakeholder Mapping

  • Community Engagement

  • Site Visits & Stakeholder Interviews

  • Connecting Art & Science